Толковые словари

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    Oxford Dictionaries "Compact Oxford Dictionary & Thesaurus"The Compact Oxford Dictionary & Thesaurus is the ultimate one-stop reference, containing both a dictionary and a thesaurus in one handy reference volume. The dictionary and thesaurus texts have an integrated design which has been tried and tested with users to speed up browsing and look-up. The dictionary has excellent coverage of everyday English, containing over 90,000 words, phrases and definitions and incorporating the newest words and phrases from Oxford's language research programmes. The thesaurus provides over 100,000 synonyms and antonyms. This dictionary and thesaurus is ideal for anyone who needs an all-in-one reference work. Explore our language resources on oxforddictionaries.com, Oxford's home for dictionaries and language reference. Updated regularly with the latest changes to words and meanings, the site provides hundreds of thousands of definitions, synonyms, and pronunciations in a range of languages. Access the highest quality language content, built from our extensive research, for free on your desktop or device.
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